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Transportation Questionnaires

We worked with a coalition of advocates to release two Transportation Questionnaires for the Primary Election on March 5, 2024.

The San Francisco DCCC Sustainable Transportation Questionnaire was created alongside Kid Safe SF and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. The questionnaire asks candidates running for DCCC, the governing body of the of the local Democratic Party, about their thoughts and positions on public transportation, street safety, and mobility. 

Similarly the Regional Bay Area Transportation Questionnaire asks about transportation and mobility to candidates running for office in all nine Bay Area counties. The coalition for this questionnaire included Transbay Coalition, SPURSeamless Bay AreaSan Francisco Transit RidersSilicon Valley Bike Coalition, and Bike East Bay.

Transit Justice Coalition

The Transit Justice Coalition (TJC) comprises organizations from all across San Francisco who understand that a thriving public transit system is a bedrock for equity in our city and that in order to create a thriving public transit system, it needs to be built with equity top-of-mind. The coalition, convened by San Francisco Transit Riders (SFTR), has been meeting since September 2022 to articulate a vision for San Francisco public transit that prioritizes the needs of transit riders who have historically been excluded from decisions around transportation and urban planning. Our coalition includes (but is not limited to) transit riders, disability advocates, climate advocates, members of labor unions, community groups, and affordable housing providers.

Bayview-Hunters Point

SFMTA’s Bayview Community-Based Transportation Plan brought important improvements to the Bayview’s transit network, but many recommendations from residents remain unsupported and underfunded. Collaborating with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) and Bayview community organizations, SFTR is diligently working to identify and address these unmet needs. We are joining forces with organizations like SFMTA, Bayview Senior Services, and Bayview Community Advocates, building upon existing community initiatives and fostering stronger bonds of trust.

Our goal is to amplify the Bayview community’s voice, with the ultimate aim of enhancing access to public transit and vital services that are indispensable for the community’s prosperity. We remain committed to uplifting the Bayview neighborhood and ensuring equitable transportation opportunities for all.

30×30: The Rapid Rider Network

30×30 our vision of a network of rapid transit lines that run end-to-end in 30 minutes by 2030. This network would connect every neighborhood with frequent, rapid Muni service.

To achieve this vision, we’re organizing riders to speak up for transit-first improvements on the street. We need to speak up for the routes we want to see as part of this network.


Local Funding

SFMTA has been facing a structural deficit for years, in large part because expenses grow far faster than revenues. Underfunding has led to crumbling infrastructure, causing breakdowns that strand riders. Equipment that’s out of date is also more expensive to try to maintain, compounding Muni’s problems. Underfunding has also led to staffing shortages, meaning SFMTA hasn’t kept up with hiring and training the people we need to keep Muni running.

Join our members’ Working Group to explore where we can find – and fight for – new funding sources to bring us the transit system we need.

Regional Policy

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTC) sets transportation policy for the 9 county Bay Area, and distributes funding to the 27 or so transit agencies around the bay. The system is opaque and isn’t responsive to riders. 

Our members’ Regional Policy Working Group will help define our regional agenda. The goal of this group is to raise the voice of riders in San Francisco at the MTC: How can we allocate regional funds to best serve riders? What are our priorities around regional fare and service integration? How do we address uneven ridership and representation across the region?

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Reaching Riders

 Our Community Organizing team has been focusing primarily in Districts 6, 9, 10, and 11. We’re meeting with community and neighborhood groups to talk about transit and learn about people’s biggest concerns. We’re getting out on the streets and talking to riders directly, to get them talking and thinking about how to improve their ride.

We’re also working in schools through the Spare the Air Youth program of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

We’d love to have your help talking to riders at farmers’ markets, Sunday Streets, and busy transit locations. Email if you’re interested in volunteering.

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