Bayview-Hunters Point

The Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood has historically experienced underrepresentation and limited investment, particularly when it comes to access to safe, efficient, and dependable public transportation.

SFMTA’s Bayview Community-Based Transportation Plan brought important improvements to the Bayview’s transit network, but many recommendations from residents remain unsupported and underfunded. Collaborating with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) and Bayview community organizations, SFTR is diligently working to identify and address these unmet needs. We are joining forces with organizations like SFMTA, Bayview Senior Services, and Bayview Community Advocates, building upon existing community initiatives and fostering stronger bonds of trust.

Our goal is to amplify the Bayview community’s voice, with the ultimate aim of enhancing access to public transit and vital services that are indispensable for the community’s prosperity. We remain committed to uplifting the Bayview neighborhood and ensuring equitable transportation opportunities for all.

Community Engagement

Residents Surveyed

Community Groups Engaged


Some of What We’ve Heard

To get all the way to SFSU, I take the 29 or the 23 and then walk the rest of the way.
I wish the bus would be cleaner and more frequent because I do a lot of waiting. These kinds of major delays happen about twice a month for me. I’ve had to adjust my schedule to have an hour of extra commute time in case the bus was late and still have had to miss class because of it.

Member of 100% College Prep Institute and Student of SFSU

Relies on the 29 & 23

I want the bus lines to run more frequently and be on time, timing is so important because I have to get to work and run errands on a schedule. I also want the crosswalks to be safe for us to use; so many speeding cars and crazy drivers out there.

Senior & disabled resident of Northridge Cooperative Homes

Relies on the 44, 15, & 23

I typically drive, but I used to take transit all the time in high school. I stopped once I graduated and got a car. The stop isn’t close enough and the busses don’t run frequently enough to make sense to switch away from driving. Who wants to ride a bus that’s far from home, doesn’t take you where you need to go, and feels unsafe?

Resident of Alice Griffith Housing

Driver, but would like to take transit

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Our Goals so Far

More frequent service, more predictable schedules

Rapid lines come at least every 10 minutes. With faster service more often, Rapid routes attract more riders.

Fixing the T

Since its launch 12 years ago, the T third has never lived up to the promise for fast transit from Visitacion Valley to downtown. The signal timing that should have allowed the train to travel smoothly through the area never worked right. It’s time to fix the complex intersections and bottlenecks so the T Third train can finally live up to its promise and its investment.

Increase street safety

Pedestrian deaths are at an all-time high in San Francisco. Improving Muni routes also improves streets, leading to fewer crashes and safer streets for everyone.

How do we get there?

Community engagement & support
  • We meet riders where they are, waiting at bus stops!
  • We speak with community groups and organizations, at community events, and we hold our own regular meetings for members to learn more and dive deep into the issues.
  • We educate riders and build understanding of and support for ways we can help Muni work better.
Use community input to push for the best transit system possible
  • We get the riders’ messages directly to decision makers.
  • The people who ride the bus every day know the pain of delays, of being stuck in traffic, and of stopping every block.
  • We build the riders’ voice to make sure everyone understands that good transit is important for their community.
Better public transit for all!
By building our voice as riders, making sure our neighbors, our communities, and our city leaders understand how important good transit is, we can get the frequent, fast, reliable service we need to make all neighborhoods truly accessible.

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