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San Francisco Transit Riders is fighting for an excellent, affordable, and growing public transit system. We need excellent service that connects all neighborhoods. We need transit that provides equitable access to resources, opportunities, and each other.

Public transit is one of the most affordable ways to get around – we need to make sure it’s accessible for everyone. We need to continually grow public transit so it can serve more riders, more areas, more times of day, more often, and free more people from being dependent on cars.

Public transit is essential to our sustainable future. Muni has served 750,000 riders daily while contributing less than 1% of the city’s greenhouse gases. While Muni itself is one of the greenest transit systems in the country, meeting the city’s climate goals means Muni needs to be the first transportation choice for many more San Franciscans.

Public transit also has the potential to make streets safer, improve our air quality, reduce traffic congestion, and allow more people to access businesses, schools, and jobs. We’re fighting for a public transit system that can live up to its potential and serve us all.

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Who We Are

Cat Carter, Operations & Communications

Cat has worked with San Francisco Transit Riders variously as event organizer, Membership Manager, Communications Manager, and Interim Executive Director. Cat’s prior career was as General Manager of the Hotel Utah Saloon in South of Market – she is very familiar with the challenges small merchants face in San Francisco, including around parking, transit, and surviving infrastructure upgrades. Cat primarily rides the 14 and 14R, and wishes regional transit could better connect her with friends and family from Santa Rosa to Fremont.

Zack Deutsch-Gross, Advocacy Director

Zack grew up riding the 48 from one end of SF to the other and still remembers when youth fares were 35¢. Prior to SFTR, Zack ran organizing campaigns across the country, most recently directing the international field program for Global Zero. Zack is excited to be back in his hometown building the people power needed to advocate for better transit for all. Zack holds a Bachelors degree in Community Studies from UC Santa Cruz and a Masters in Public Policy from UC Berkeley. In his free time, he leads backpacking trips for the Sierra Club and is an avid soccer player and fan. Zack now resides in the Ingleside, with easy access to light rail, bus lines, and BART.

Eric Chan, Community Organizer

Eric was born and raised in San Francisco’s Excelsior district and regularly rode public transit from a young age – special shout out to the 43! Eric holds a degree in environmental biology from U.C. Berkeley and has worked in environmental advocacy with a focus on social justice. He interned at S.F. Environment’s Transportation Team and The Sierra Club, promoting sustainable methods of transportation and strengthening equity and inclusion practices in the environmental movement. Eric splits his time between organizing transit riders, working with the Asian Pacific Environmental Network, and pursuing a master’s degree in Public Health.

B-Rod, Community Organizer

B-Rod lives in the Outer Sunset with no car and relies on public transit, especially the L Taraval, to get around. As a community organizer they help the San Francisco Transit Riders carry out their mission to create a more equitable transit system that centers the voice of riders and prioritizes transit.

B-Rod graduated from UC Berkeley with a Political Science degree in May 2020. Outside of work they enjoy taking time to play videogames with friends, visiting the city’s public libraries, and napping.

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