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San Francisco Transit Riders is fighting for an excellent, affordable, and growing public transit system. We need excellent service that connects all neighborhoods. We need transit that provides equitable access to resources, opportunities, and each other.

Public transit is one of the most affordable ways to get around. We need to make sure it’s accessible for everyone. We need to continually grow public transit so it serves more riders, more areas, and more times of day – so it frees more people from being dependent on cars.

Public transit is essential to our sustainable future. Muni has served 750,000 trips daily while contributing less than 1% of the city’s greenhouse gases. While Muni itself is one of the greenest transit systems in the country, meeting the city’s climate goals means Muni needs to be the first transportation choice for many more San Franciscans.

Public transit also has the potential to make streets safer, improve our air quality, and reduce traffic congestion.

We’re fighting for a public transit system that can live up to its potential and serve us all. Become a member, join our community, and help us build the future of public transit in San Francisco!

Who We Are

JANELLE WONG, Interim Executive Director

Janelle Wong (She/Her) is a leader in Active Transportation and deeply believes in the importance of access to efficient and affordable public transit.  In addition to her previous position leading the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Janelle has a background in non-profit financial and operational reporting and is an advocate for safe streets

NICK LEVI, Community Organizer

Nick Levi is a dedicated and driven professional with a passion for public transportation. Having grown up in New York City, Nick has developed a deep understanding of the role public transit systems play in urban environments, and since moving to San Francisco, he has become an avid MUNI and BART rider. In his current role as a Community Organizer for the San Francisco Transit Riders, he works to improve public transportation in the Bay Area by cultivating relationships with community stakeholders and conveying necessary infrastructure improvements to the SFMTA and other officials. In addition to his current position, Nick has a history of community organizing, policy, and advocacy experiences, including roles with the government affairs team at the California Academy of Sciences, on policy and electoral campaigns, and in the offices of elected officials.


Nick earned his Bachelor’s degree in urban studies and political science from the University of California, Irvine, where he developed a strong foundation in the principles and practices of effective urban planning and policy-making. Utilizing his personal experience with public transportation and diverse background in community organizing and government affairs, Nick is eager to make a positive impact in San Francisco through coalition building and practical policy changes.

DYLAN FABRIS, Community and Policy Manager

Dylan Fabris is the Community & Policy Manager at San Francisco Transit Riders. In his role, he leads SFTR’s initiatives to support local and regional policy and advocacy efforts with a focus on achieving social and environmental justice. Dylan will also be supporting our engagement with our community of members.  

Dylan grew up in the suburbs of car-dependent Southern California and has since fallen in love with the freedom provided by San Francisco’s diverse public transit system. Dylan believes in the power of public transportation to connect and strengthen communities, and is excited to help advocate for a better, more equitable transportation system in San Francisco. Outside of work, you can find Dylan exploring the city by bike, relaxing in Golden Gate Park, or hopping on the N-Judah to spend a day at the beach.


Prior to joining SFTR, Dylan worked at the Convergence Center for Policy Resolution, where he helped bridge divides on issues related to social media and digital discourse. He is excited to apply his consensus-building experience to the issues that affect transit riders in San Francisco. Dylan earned a Bachelor’s degree in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he learned the value of affordable transit while relying on Santa Cruz METRO’s fare-free bus service for students. 

REANNE LACOSTA, Communications Manager

Reanne Lacosta (she/her) is the Communications Manager at San Francisco Transit Riders. Reanne’s passions for environmental justice, community engagement, and graphic communications intersect through her work with SFTR.

She strives to seek equity and advocate for the needs of communities of color. She believes in the power of public transportation as a tool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase cultural engagement between communities. Reanne credits her affinity for learning and exploring San Francisco’s rich culture and diversity to her access to the public transportation system.


Reanne is a University of San Francisco alum, where she received her Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies, with minors in Community Engagement and Graphic Design. She has also completed her Master’s in Urban and Public Affairs at USF. 

DAYRA BANALES, Safe Routes to School Consultant

Dayra Banales is currently the Safe Routes to School Coordinator Consultant; planning and coordinating Transit Focused Program Activities including Transit Socials, Free Muni for Youth Outreach, additional Transit-related workshops, as well as data collection and reporting. She has worked with San Francisco Transit Riders on Transit Month-based projects as well as assisting in community surveying in the Bayview. She brings a genuine perspective to the board as an avid public transit rider herself and is very comfortable opening dialogue with everyone she meets. 


Her past work has revolved around equity-based learning and community outreach; Dayra is inspired by the arts, social justice, and giving back to the people. As a local resident of the Bay Area, Dayra relies on the effectiveness and safety of public transportation. Through her work with SFTR, she hopes to make a positive change for Transit Riders, within an inclusive paradigm. Achieving such a goal will include the active participation and comprehension of Transit needs for people with disabilities, youth, families, and other daily riders of public transportation.

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors serves the public interest by participating in the efforts to pursue San Francisco Transit Riders’ mission effectively; develop policies and procedures to govern the operations of SFTR; and monitor SFTR finances, programs, and performance.

Our board takes an active role in carrying out individual officer duties and collectively making the organization’s big decisions. They strive to create a candid, respectful, and open environment.  Our board is diverse, welcomes differing opinions, and seeks to provide the professional leadership and support that the organization deserves.

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