Our campaign for a faster muni

What is 30 x 30?

30 x 30 is a network of rapid transit lines connecting every neighborhood with frequent, rapid Muni service, which will make it possible to travel across San Francisco in 30 minutes by the year 2030.

We bring transit riders together to make sure San Francisco lives up to its transit-first promise. Faster, more reliable, more efficient service makes Muni work better for everyone.

Why it matters

Rapid routes are popular. People spend less time in transit.

Ridership increased 22% on Rapid Routes between 2015-2019, despite nationwide decline.

More frequent service, more predictable schedules

Rapid lines come at least every 10 minutes. With better and faster service, Rapid Routes attract more riders.

Fewer stops, less travel time

Rapid Routes mirror local bus lines but skip stops to save time.

Priority on the street

Rapid Routes get transit priority like red lanes and traffic signals that favor buses. Muni spends less time in traffic and gets you where you want to go.

Good public transit improves livability and climate health

Reduce traffic

Better public transit means fewer cars on the roads. One survey showed that 15% of new riders on Rapid bus routes formerly drove cars.

Increase street safety

Pedestrian deaths are at an all-time high in San Francisco. Improved Muni routes mean fewer crashes and safer streets.

Fight climate change

Muni serves 26% of the trips in San Francisco, but contributes less than 1% of the greenhouse gas emissions.

How do we get there?

This map made by OpenTransit shows where you can travel in a certain amount of time via public transit in San Francisco.

1. Community engagement & support
  • We meet riders where they are, waiting at bus stops!
  • We speak with community groups and organizations, at community events, and we hold our own regular meetings for members to learn more and dive deep into the issues.
  • We educate riders and build understanding of and support for ways we can help Muni work better.
2. Use community input to push for the best transit system possible
  • We get the riders’ messages directly to decision makers.
  • The people who ride the bus every day know the pain of delays, of being stuck in traffic, and of stopping every block.
  • We build the riders’ voice to make sure everyone understands that good transit is important for their community.
3. Better public transit for all!

By building our voice as riders, making sure our neighbors, our communities, and our city leaders understand how important good transit is, we can get the frequent, fast, reliable service we need to make all neighborhoods truly accessible.

Community Engagement


Riders engaged in 2019


Public workshops & events

Through all of these discussions, we could identify which lines were most popular to prioritize first – the 29 Sunset topped the list.

The #1 bus stop improvement? Better signage – especially more and better NextMuni displays.

29R Sunset Coming Soon

The 29 Sunset is a major route for students, commuters connecting to BART, and people connecting throughout the southern and western neighborhoods. It’s often slow, infrequent, unreliable, and overcrowded. It wasn’t slated for improvements anytime soon, but our advocacy and collaboration with riders changed that.

We worked with Lowell High School students to get the SFMTA to focus on the issues with the 29 Sunset on the map, and in late 2019 SFMTA established a team to start planning improvements.

Building Public Support

We’ve launched the Rapid Rider Alliance – including city leaders, community organizations, and everyday riders who believe in the vision of a network of frequent, fast service connecting every neighborhood in San Francisco with end-to-end service in 30 minutes by 2030!

Our supporters include:
Supervisor Gordon Mar
Supervisor Matt Haney
Youth Art Exchange
YIMBY Mobility

Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association
Bayview Hunters Point Community Advocates
San Francisco Youth Commission
Peer Resources, Lowell High School

Plus 800 everyday riders, and counting – add your name!

What’s next?

Routes we’re working on next

We selected these routes based on our outreach. Riders asked for improvements on these routes the most.


We got SFMTA to move from saying improvements weren’t possible to establishing a team to start planning improvements, but there is no commitment to fully Rapid service. We will continue to do community outreach and organizing to advocate for the best 29 Sunset Rapid service possible.


Since its launch 12 years ago, the T third has never lived up to the promise for fast transit from Visitacion Valley to downtown. The signal timing that should have allowed the train to travel smoothly through the area never worked right. It’s time to fix the complex intersections and bottlenecks so the T Third train can finally live up to its promise and its investment.


 The 16th Street improvement project will speed up the 22 Fillmore, but it doesn’t include a skip-stop Rapid service. SFMTA provided free express buses from BART to Chase Center events, but local riders and workers are stuck with regular service. Let’s make a 22 Fillmore Rapid to serve riders all the way from 3rd Street to up past Geary Blvd.

What routes do you want improved?

Do you have a route you think should be Rapid? Do you have thoughts on what the Rapid Rider Network should look like?

We want to hear from you! Fill out the survey below.