Together, let’s develop a network of rapid lines that truly ties the city together with end-to-end service in 30 minutes by the year 2030.

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We’re facing year over year record traffic congestion. We need to make Muni reliable and convenient to use, so people can have the choice to get out of their cars. Only with a robust public transit system will we be able to build a safe, livable, healthy future.

Robust public transit means reliable frequent service, that can get us across town in a reasonable amount of time. Rapid buses are additional service on a local line. The Rapid version skips stops, shows up every 10 minutes or more often, and has transit priority so buses don’t get stuck in traffic. Our trains should also be considered Rapid – with more frequent service and with priority on the street.

Why we need this

Muni service has absolutely improved on some of its Rapid lines – like the 14R, 5R, and 38R. The investments in service and simple infrastructure on these routes have returned increases in speed, reliability, and perhaps most importantly, ridership.

However, other lines on Muni’s Rapid network don’t meet stated rapid standards, and the network as a whole doesn’t sufficiently connect the city.


The Rider-Based Solution

We kicked off 2019 with a workshop to talk about what a true, Rapid network might look like and how to get there. Click here to read more about how it went!

We followed up with a great discussion around how to potentially fix the light rail system of the Rapid Network – check out the creative ideas proposed here.



With input from riders – like you! – we’re developing community-driven rapid network standards, including what we want to see at bus stops, how often buses and trains should come, and whatever else riders think will make rapid transit succeed.

Through outreach on the street and neighborhood workshops, we’ll be touching base with communities across the city to make sure riders’ voices are heard. With your input, we will develop standards for a Rapid Rider Network. With your help, we’ll push the SFMTA to adopt those standards, to serve all of San Francisco.


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