Transit Justice Coalition

Who is the TJC?

The Transit Justice Coalition (TJC) comprises organizations from all across San Francisco who understand that a thriving public transit system is a bedrock for equity in our city and that in order to create a thriving public transit system, it needs to be built with equity top-of-mind. The coalition, convened by San Francisco Transit Riders (SFTR), has been meeting since September 2022 to articulate a vision for San Francisco public transit that prioritizes the needs of transit riders who have historically been excluded from decisions around transportation and urban planning. Our coalition includes (but is not limited to) transit riders, disability advocates, climate advocates, members of labor unions, community groups, and affordable housing providers.

Mission Statement and Vision

The Transit Justice Coalition brings together transit riders, community organizations, advocates, and labor to shape, advance, and fund an equitable and growing transit system in San Francisco.

We envision a transit system where everyone – regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, and ability – can enjoy accessible transit options that reliably, affordably, and conveniently get us where we need to go in San Francisco and connect us to work, school and play throughout the region.

San Franciscans want and deserve an accountable transit system that serves all of the city’s residents and visitors while prioritizing the most transit-dependent riders and marginalized communities. Investing in such a system will enhance our freedom of movement, create good-paying green union jobs, and help our city fight climate change by encouraging fewer trips made in private vehicles, which currently account for about half of San Francisco’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

We recognize that transit only works well when walking, cycling, and rolling are safe, comfortable, and convenient, and where streets, sidewalks, and transit stops and stations are safe and accessible.

To meet the above goals, public transit must be sufficiently, reliably, and equitably funded, so it can grow to become the mode of choice for all travelers, whenever and wherever they want to go, without placing an unfair financial burden on lower-income San Franciscans.

What We Need

Restore, Stabilize, and Expand Service

Service should be restored based on demand focused on existing routes that face crowding and new routes that create new connections between underserved neighborhoods.


The framework for transportation funding should change from an enterprise to a public service with social value. We should look at alternative funding sources and keep transit-free or very low-cost for everyone.


It is vital that everyone – including operators, and riders – feel physically and psychologically safe while riding transit. We are committed to a transit future where everyone has safe access to public transit.

Access and Accessibility

We envision transit services, stops, and stations that are accessible for people of all abilities, all familiarity levels with transit, and speakers of all languages.

How We Get There

Image highlighting San Francisco's Equity priority Communities

planning and decision-making

Image highlighting San Francisco's Equity priority Communities

Workforce and Agency capacity

Image highlighting San Francisco's Equity priority Communities


Building an equitable and accountable transit system for all San Franciscans

The goal of this report is to create a clear framework for what “accountability” means for the riders and communities that rely on public transit every day. In doing so, we hope to lay the groundwork for the new, sustainable, and equitable funding sources that will be necessary to ensure that our local transit agencies improve and remain accountable to riders.

The document is divided into two parts. Part 1 is about what transit service is needed, how people access transit, and ensuring transit is safe and affordable. Part 2 focuses on how transit decisions are made, how we support the transit workforce, and our recommendations for local transit funding.

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