Sustainable Transportation Candidate Questionnaires

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We joined transit advocates around the region to bring you two Transportation Candidate Questionnaires! We reached out to candidates in San Francisco and across the Bay Area to learn what their positions are on public transportation, street safety, and mobility. Read the submitted questionnaires below before voting for the Primary Election on March 5, 2024. 


SF DCCC Sustainable Transportation Questionnaire

Registered Democrats in San Francisco will have the opportunity to vote for the members of the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee, often called the SF DCCC, on the March 5th, 2024 primary ballot. The SF DCCC is the governing body of the of the local Democratic Party. Importantly, the SF DCCC votes on ballot endorsements, which can be critical in local candidate and measure races. As we advocate for stable transit funding, better active transportation infrastructure, and safer streets, we want to understand the views of the DCCC members who will endorse candidates and ballot initiatives around issues we care about.

The SF DCCC Sustainable Transportation Questionnaire is an attempt to better understand the attitudes, desires, and understanding of candidates running for DCCC. The questionnaire was emailed to all 51 candidates across AD-17 and AD-19, and received 36 responses (71%).

Wondering which State Assembly District you are in? You can use the official State of California tool to find out:

The 2024 SF DCCC Sustainable Transportation Questionnaire Project is a joint project of the San Francisco Transit Riders, Kid Safe SF, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. The project is purely for information purposes, and is not intended to endorse any particular candidate. For inquiries, please contact

Responses are listed below, separated by candidates running in AD-17 and AD-19.

Candidates for CA State Assembly, District 17

Download all the AD-17 responses in a zip file.

Candidates for CA State Assembly, District 19

Download all the AD-19 responses in a zip file.

Regional Bay Area Transportation Questionnaire

A coalition of transportation advocacy groups from around the Bay published the results “Transportation Questionnaire” for Bay Area Candidates for Office that are on the March 5th 2024 Ballot.

“Candidate’s stances on how to make it easier for people to get around the Bay Area and what needs fixing is essential information for voters,” said Carter Lavin, the project lead at the Transbay Coalition. “Transportation policies impact everyone and every elected official, no matter the office, has the power to make it easier, greener, safer, more affordable, just and accessible for people to get around– or they can make it harder. Voters deserve to know where the candidates vying for their vote stand.”

“Public transit is a lifeline for so many people in the Bay Area. Allowing transit agencies to go unfunded would hurt economically disadvantaged and transit-dependent people the worst, leaving thousands of transit riders — including workers, seniors, and people with disabilities — without a reliable way of getting around. It connects folks with everything from food, to healthcare, family, friends and fun. We’re excited to release this questionnaire, which lifts the issues that matter to transit riders, with our other partners in the space. In order to make the Bay Area a more pleasant, affordable, and green place to live, our elected representatives need to center public transit and transit riders in the choices they make for us, ” said Dylan Fabris, Community & Policy Manager for San Francisco Transit Riders.

The project, led by Transbay Coalition, SPUR, Seamless Bay Area, San Francisco Transit Riders, Silicon Valley Bike Coalition, and Bike East Bay aims to help voters across the Bay Area make more informed decisions about candidates for local, state and federal office.

Responses are listed below.

Candidates for United States Representative, District 11

  • Jason Boyce (did not respond)
  • Eve Del Castello (questionnaire not sent)
  • Bruce Lou (did not respond)
  • Marjorie Mikels (did not respond)
  • Larry Nichelson (did not respond)
  • Nancy Pelosi (did not respond)
  • Bianca Von Krieg
  • Jason Chuyuan Zeng

Candidates for State Assembly, District 19

The remaining candidate questionnaires include submissions from the following locations: South Bay (Santa Clara, San Jose), Peninsula (San Mateo), North Bay (Solano County, Marin County), and East Bay (Alameda County, Contra Costa). 

Update 2/26/2024: Due to a tracking error, a previous version of this page listed several candidates for Senate District 11 and Assembly District 17 as “did not respond,” when in fact they never received the questionnaire. In the interest of fairness to all candidates, we have removed those sections from this page.

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