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We’re fighting for public transit that works

We need a public transit system that is fast, reliable, and easy to use. We need a system that connects every neighborhood in the city, so people everywhere can access all that San Francisco has to offer. Close to 250,000 people rely on Muni every day, and many more will need to count on transit if we are to hit our climate and sustainability goals. Join our movement to change the future of public transit in San Francisco.

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We only win with your support. We’re funded by a combination of private grants, corporate sponsorships, and most importantly: members! In addition to giving us the political clout we need to make a difference, members provide over 25% of our budget. Those are funds we can use immediately where they’re most needed, like to develop campaigns to bring back Muni routes or to fight for the funding Muni needs.

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Getting to the 2022 Ballot

Getting to the 2022 Ballot

November 2022 is the next, best shot for a transit operations funding measure. There are a couple of pathways a major transit operations funding measure could move forward:

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Muni Service Plan For Winter 2022: On the Right Track

Muni Service Plan For Winter 2022: On the Right Track

We’re thankful that after laying out different scenarios for the next Muni service map, SFMTA has an updated proposal that restores much of the service riders have been missing. We know it’s been a difficult conversation over the past few months. We thank SFMTA for listening to riders, working with us, threading many needles, and restoring a lot of coverage given limited resources.

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