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We’re fighting for public transit that works

We need a public transit system that is fast, reliable, and easy to use. We need a system that connects every neighborhood in the city, so people everywhere can access all that San Francisco has to offer. We need Muni to recover better than ever from the pandemic – we need service here for the 180,000 people riding daily now, and we need service ready to grow as people return to work, to school, and to getting around. Join our movement to change the future of public transit in San Francisco.

Rights In Transit

December 8, 5:30 p.m.

Join a conversation with the author about the idea of transportation as a right not as merely a ‘civil right’ or even a ‘socio-economic right’ but as a fundamental right to the democratic city.

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We only win with your support. We’re funded by a combination of private grants, corporate sponsorships, and most importantly: members! In addition to giving us the political clout we need to make a difference, members provide over 25% of our budget. Those are funds we can use immediately where they’re most needed, like to develop campaigns to bring back Muni routes or to fight for the funding Muni needs.

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Our First Member Summit

Our First Member Summit

Members are the lifeblood of San Francisco Transit Riders. They give us the political power to make change at city hall, they help us educate and...

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