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You provide the vision, passion, energy, and the political power needed to ensure all San Francisans have access to excellent transit. Together, we’re building a more equitable, sustainable future for San Francisco.

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  • Advocacy trainings. Learn how to speak up for the public transit you need, and to engage other San Franciscans in the movement.
  • Special events and workshops. Join the conversation and learn directly from experts, agency staff, and advocates.
  • Working groups. Dive deep into our work with other members and help shape our priorities and campaigns.
  • Our member-only Slack channel. Participate in the ongoing online chats to ask questions as they arise, learn from each other, and get timely alerts to speak up for transit.
  • A community of passionate, fun riders and activists. We really have the best members – thoughtful, caring, and dedicated. Like you!
  • A team of committed advocates working for you and all riders. We are small but mighty. We’re growing, but only with the help of our members!

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Any donation makes you a member of San Francisco Transit Riders! Our suggested annual membership is $50 for those who are able.

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