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SF Transit Riders is a rider-based grassroots advocate for world-class transit in San Francisco

We're Hiring an Executive Director!

We couldn't more excited to announce that we're looking to hire an Executive Director.

We're seeking a leader who can grow our all-volunteer grassroots organization into a staffed, powerful advocacy group. We hope to grow the organization with broad membership that continues to more effectively represent the voice of the transit rider and advocate for critical change.


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Join our Transit Action Committee

Do you have an idea to make Muni better? Want to get involved with a campaign? Attend the monthly Transit Action Committee meeting! At these informal meetings, we plan our campaigns and forums and discuss ideas for improving Muni. Everyone is welcome, even if you're not a member.

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Attend a Forum or Event

Want to learn more about SFTRU? Or perhaps you're fascinated by transit in San Francisco, whether the history or the future. Or maybe you'd enjoy having discussions with other similar transit riders about Muni? Check out one of our periodic forums and events.

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There are many ways to get involved. Learn More about opportunities with SFTRU.

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Building on our past accomplishments and victories, we have an aggressive action plan for 2016.

We hope to have your knowledge, time, and
experience to help implement it.