Our city’s transit system is broken, and in dire need of investment. The train control system is still running on floppy discs, the bus yards need to be made earthquake-safe, and our buses and trains need to be free from congested traffic. That’s why San Francisco Transit Riders (SFTR) pushed so hard for Proposition A, a $400 million bond measure that would have funded transit San Franciscans could depend on. It would have modernized our aging subway system, supported our conversation to clean, zero-emissions buses, and created a faster, more reliable transit system and safer streets.

Unfortunately, in the June 7 election, Prop A gained only 65% of the vote, just short of the 66.67% it needed to pass. SFTR is saddened that this needed proposition failed to garner the two-thirds vote despite significant support for the measure. While all voters will be hurt by Proposition A’s failure, it will unfortunately be most felt by San Francisco’s transit-dependent riders. In the absence of unreliable and infrequent transit, they will continue to be burdened by an overall lack of access to opportunities, to clean air, to vibrant neighborhoods and to sheer participatory citizenship.

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