San Francisco Transit Riders is the city’s member-supported, grassroots advocate for excellent, affordable, and growing public transit. We work every day to educate, empower and inspire riders to speak up for the the world-class transit system we deserve. Our work is more important than ever — we hope you’ll join us.


The Future of Muni with Jeff Tumlin- Thursday July 30th @ 5:30pm

Join SF Transit Riders and SFMTA Director of Transportation Jeff Tumlin for a discussion about the current state and future of transit in San Francisco. Learn more about the seismic changes SFMTA has undertaken to keep Muni going during the coronavirus and how what we do next will shape the future of transit in San Francisco.



People-Centered Transit Panel Discussion – Monday August 10th @ 5:30pm

Our transit system is being fundamentally restructured in order to survive the pandemic. This transformation offers an opportunity to center transit on those who depend on it most. Join us for a panel discussion with three community leaders – Queen Vanessa Banks, Christina Rubke, and Queena Chen – as they share their visions for transit that works for seniors, people with disabilities, and underserved communities who rely on transit.


Meet a few of our members

Felix Castillo works for SFMTA as a Muni Operator. He led the SFTR Masks for Muni initiative which distributed more than 1,000 masks to Muni operators and riders during the early days of the pandemic when many operators did not have access to masks. Felix is a member of SF Transit Riders because “what’s good for the operator is good for the rider. The less lines and service we have out there, the more crowded our buses are going to be. That makes it more dangerous for riders and operators.”


Jane Natoli is a SF Transit Riders member, and a long-time advocate for transit in the Richmond and across the city. Rider-focused advocacy matters to her because “we aren’t serving statistics – we’re serving individuals. I know the real importance of making sure these are human stories and people. It’s important to reflect the diversity experience and needs of the people using public transit.” Jane has been nominated to the SFMTA board by Mayor Breed. If confirmed, she looks forward to securing stable funding for public transit and helping SFMTA do better on safe streets. “Safe streets means a lot of different things to different people – it’s not just protected bike lanes. It’s also ‘do you feel like the bus is for you?’”


Claire Teresko is a SFTR Community Organizer doing outreach to residents and community groups in District 7. They care about advocating for transit riders because “good transit allows everyone mobility, regardless of ability, age, wealth, or where someone lives. I think everyone should have the opportunity and ability to move around and access jobs, housing, groceries, and recreation in a way that’s fast, reliable and convenient.”