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As a leading transit rider advocacy organization in San Francisco, we empower everyday transit riders to raise their collective voices to advocate for pro-rider policies. Our members give us the political, financial and volunteer power to accomplish goals we would otherwise not be able to achieve.

Without a strong and growing membership, none of this would have been possible. Our members give us power and credibility, in meetings with SFMTA and in public with the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Because of you, when we speak up, they listen. 

Public transportation in San Francisco isn’t perfect, but every day we’re taking another step toward making it better, toward a more livable, sustainable, accessible city. Please join us in this endeavor by renewing your membership today.

A broad and growing membership means more clout at City Hall. It means a strong constituency that cares about affordable, efficient, accessible, and easy-to-use transit. It means your voice, and the voice of transit riders across the city, can be heard.

In the past year alone…

1. We made transit move again. On July 9, the 2022 Muni Service Network plan went into effect, focused on expanding bus service including the return of the 2 Sutter, 6 Haight-Parnassus and 21 Hayes (with some route changes), as well as other route extensions and modifications. Due to a lot of hard work and dedication of SFTR, SFMTA, Supervisor Preston, and riders across the city, we secured the opening of these lines, allowing for better transit access across the city.

2. We won Yes on L! On Tuesday March 8th, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority Board of Directors voted unanimously to endorse the $2.6 billion Transportation 2022 Sales Tax Expenditure Plan. This new 30-year spending plan for the existing half-cent sales tax will help deliver safer, smoother streets, more reliable transit, continue para-transit services for seniors and persons with disabilities, reduce congestion, and improve air quality. San Francisco Transit Riders was an active member of the Expenditure Plan Advisory Committee.

3. We hosted a jam-packed Transit Month! In our seventh annual event, we engaged with San Francisco’s mayor and entire board of supervisors, and riders across the city. Hosted events included a region-wide ride contest and prizes, a San Francisco Ride Along and Rally, a workshop with People’s Transit Vision, Rider First Awards Ceremony, and more various regional activities. We witnessed Total Transit 2022, where Chronicle reporters tried to ride all 27 agencies in one day, and joined in on a happy hour with transit GMs and CEOs from across the city. 

4. And so much more!

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