Transit is Essential

Transit is essential, even as it faces an existential crisis. During the shelter-in-place order, Muni ridership never went below 85,000 daily riders. Many of these riders are keeping hospitals, grocery stores, and other essential services going.

But Muni depends on fares to put buses and bus drivers on the road, and right now, fare income is way down. We need to come together to speak up for public transit, to make sure it’s funded, to make sure the 40 Muni routes that are currently suspended aren’t canceled forever!

Join us this Transit Week in speaking up for transit!

Rider First Awards 2020:

Celebrate Our Transit Heroes!

On Friday, October 9, at 5:00pm we will come together with city leaders, everyday riders, bus drivers, activists, planners, and more to celebrate some of the people who have worked hard to make transit better this year.

We all could use some local heroes just about now. Learn more about our work, our community, and meet the people we think have gone the extra mile in spite of all the challenges to make Muni better for all of us.

Ride the Vote!

Vote Yes on Measure RR!

Caltrain is a critical part of our transportation network, but the pandemic is jeopardizing its survival. Measure RR will rescue Caltrain so that thousands of nurses, grocery store workers, and other essential workers can get where they are needed most. It will improve transit connections to BART, Muni, SamTrans and VTA. It will allow Caltrain to add service throughout the day, and offer discounts to low income riders. We’re setting up phone/text banks and socially-distant neighborhood walks. Get involved and make sure RR passes!

Vote Yes on Prop 15!

An outdated California commercial property tax provision protects property-owning corporations at the expense of local public schools and public services. Prop 15 would close this loophole and generate billions of dollars for local public schools and other community services. Learn more here.

Stand Up for Strong Transit Recovery

A strong transit recovery is essential to the recovery of our city, our region, our jobs. A strong transit recovery is essential to building back better, more sustainably, and more equitably.

Transit Funding: Decades of underinvestment have left Muni vulnerable to breakdowns. Too many neighborhoods and riders are left far behind because of insufficient operating funds. Let’s work together for long-term, fair, and diverse sources of funding.

Transit Priority: When Muni is free from traffic, buses can make more runs more quickly, serving more riders along the way. This means people are on buses for less time, reducing exposure to COVID-19 and giving them more of their day back. This means access and mobility. Sign up to learn about improvements that need your support!

Safety & Cleanliness: We need to make sure all riders have masks, all operators are protected, and we need to keep buses and trains cleaner than ever due to the pandemic. We also need to find better ways to change the culture to one of safety and community. Help us create the safe, healthy transit culture we need for everyone’s benefit.

Become a Transit Hero!

If you want to shape the future of transit in San Francisco, sign up today to join our movement for awesome transit! Transit Week only comes once a year, but we fight for great transit all year long. Join us in organizing for the best possible transit system for the most people in San Francisco.

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