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Candidate Stances

We reached out to every officially qualified local candidate certified by the San Francisco Department of Elections, offering the opportunity to respond to our Candidate Questionnaire.1  Below are the stances each candidate has provided on transit policies, as well as links to each candidate's full questionnaire responses.

Transit-Only Lanes (Red Carpet)

Increasingly, San Francisco has been turning to transit-only lanes as an efficient way to speed up and improve reliability of transit across the city for tens of thousands of transit riders. These candidates support the expansion of transit-only lanes.

Bus Rapid Transit Projects (BRT)

Bus Rapid Transit offers a step beyond transit-only lanes, ensuring full grade-separation, dedicated platforms, often center-running transit. Van Ness BRT is under construction, and Geary BRT is (continues to be) in the planning stages.

Downtown Extension (Caltrain & High Speed Rail)

The Downtown Extension (DTX) would bring both Caltrain and High Speed Rail trains directly to the new Transbay Transit Center via an underground tunnel, rather than the current terminus at 4th & King.

Subway Expansion

San Francisco currently has 2 major subway tunnels for Muni Metro and BART, and the Central Subway will add a connecting subway line downtown. Subways allow for high-speed, high-capacity transit without interfering with pedestrians, bicycles, or vehicles above ground.

BART / Muni Transfer

Civic Center and Embarcadero were originally built to allow for easy transfers between BART and Muni, but we've never realized this goal. It's a simple and long overdue fix to allow faregates between the platforms, instead of forcing passengers up two flights to exit the faregates, enter new faregates, and go back down to the other platform.

Limit Parking to Speed up Transit

Sometimes we're forced to make tradeoffs. When removing parking spaces can result in better speed and reliability of service for thousands of transit passengers, or can save lives through pedestrian safety improvements,we must take action to do so.

Regional Measure 3

As traffic in the bay area has grown, the State Legislature created a regional traffic relief plan called Regional Measure 3 for the June 5, 2018 ballot. RM3 adds funding to update and expand BART, to ease some of the worst freeway bottlenecks, to significantly expand ferry service, to accelerate planning for a second Transbay rail crossing and to improve other critical regional rail systems like Caltrain and SMART in the North Bay.

Learn More About Regional Measure 3 »


1    Not every candidate responded to our request. Those who did not respond include: Richie Greenberg (Candidate for Mayor).


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