Muni matters to the 750,000 daily riders pre-COVID, and it matters to 150,000 daily riders now. Public transit matters to the city and the entire Bay Area – we need excellent public transit for access, opportunity, and sustainability.

But public transit is facing severe budget shortfalls and service cuts that could become permanent. San Francisco Transit Riders is leading the fight to save transit – join us December 3 for a discussion with local leaders to build the vision of how we get from here to the public transit we need!

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Transit Matters:
From COVID Recovery to World-Class Transit for All
December 3, 5:30 PM

Join us for an in-depth discussion with some of San Francisco and the Bay Area’s leaders in public transit. Facing the loss of revenue, we face difficult decisions about service cuts and service changes. Car traffic has returned almost to pre-pandemic levels while public transit struggles for resources and space on the road.

Transit advocates and leaders need to build a strong foundation now to ensure that transit not only survives, but that it thrives in the future. Join us to build that vision!

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