Yes on Proposition 15

Proposition 15 would tax commercial and industrial properties based on their market value, generating between $6.5-11.5 billion for schools and city services like transit.

It will also close property tax loopholes that benefits wealthy corporations, will cut small business taxes and reclaim billions of dollars to invest in schools and local communities. Because San Francisco County funds Muni service, it also means significant new funding for Muni.

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David Wei Wen Young
Patrick Mortiere
Bevan Dufty
John Avalos
Ahsha Safai
Ken Piper
Emily Murase
Vilaska Nguyen
Myrna Melgar
Joel Engardio
Vallie Brown
Dean Preston
Danny Sauter
Aaron Peskin
David Lee
Marjan Philhour
Veronica Shinzato
Connie Chan

Does Not Support

Stephen Martin-Pinto
Sherman D’Silva