Yes on Measure RR

Measure RR is a ⅛ cent sales tax to fund Caltrain operations, including more frequent trains, and more equitable service and fares.

Measure RR will save Caltrain from a shutdown and provide faster and more frequent trains; better connections to local transit; thousands of good-paying jobs; and cleaner, quieter trains to reduce noise and air pollution.

Caltrain is an essential part of the Bay Area’s transportation network. We’re at risk of losing it due to COVID-19. C​altrain has also developed strong equity plans but can’t implement them without funding.

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David Wei Wen Young
Patrick Mortiere
Bevan Dufty
John Avalos
Ahsha Safai
Ken Piper
Emily Murase
Vilaska Nguyen
Stephen Martin-Pinto
Myrna Melgar
Joel Engardio
Vallie Brown
Dean Preston
Danny Sauter
Aaron Peskin
Marjan Philhour
Veronica Shinzato
Sherman D’Silva

Does Not Support

David Lee
Connie Chan