Who We Are

We are transit riders from throughout the city, working toward better transit in San Francisco.

San Francisco Transit Riders (SFTR) is fighting for an excellent, affordable, and growing public transit system because it is essential to the livability, sustainability, and accessibility of San Francisco. Muni enables nearly a third of households to get around without a car and benefits everyone in our City.

Although San Francisco is often on the cutting edge, our transit system has fallen behind that of other major cities. We are frustrated with the delays, slow travel times, and lack of funding for better service.

San Franciscans have consistently supported transit, and they deserve a reliable, robust, and 21st-century transit system. SFTR is delivering that change. Please become a member, join our community, and support our work.

Executive Board

Our board is composed of transit advocates, community leaders, and transportation planning veterans.

Thea Selby


Steve Pepple

Vice Chair

Mike Artukovich

Kay Cheng

Camille Guiriba

Dominique Monie

Peter Straus

Serena Wales

SFTR Staff

Rachel Hyden

Rachel is the Executive Director of San Francisco Transit Riders. She oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization, including managing a growing staff, fundraising, and advocacy opportunities. She also supports the Board of Directors in setting the strategic vision and priorities of SFTR, all in an effort to shape the future of public transportation in San Francisco.

Prior to joining the organization, Rachel worked at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency where she was the communications and brand manager for the Muni Forward program. In her role, Rachel successfully led the public engagement efforts for eight major transit projects and four service increases, considered the most significant improvements to Muni in decades. Before her stint in city government, Rachel oversaw membership development for Efficiency First, and organized several public interest campaigns with Sierra Club and Ohio PIRG.

Rachel holds a BS in Journalism from Ohio University, with a specialization in nonprofit management. Outside of work you can find her skiing the mountains at Tahoe or watching reruns of The Office with her pug Duke. She also makes regular guest appearances on Muni’s L Taraval.

Cat Carter

Cat moved into her current role as Communications Manager after over a year as part time Organizer. Cat’s prior career was as General Manager of the Hotel Utah Saloon in South of Market – she is very familiar with the challenges small merchants face in San Francisco, including around parking, transit, and surviving infrastructure upgrades.

Cat grew up on public transit and has explored many cities in the U.S. and abroad through their transit systems. She travels almost exclusively by transit in San Francisco, and dreams of the day she can ditch the car completely and still have time to visit friends and family from Santa Rosa to Fremont by affordable, efficient public transit.

Eric Chan

Eric was born and raised in San Francisco’s Excelsior district and regularly rode public transit from a young age – special shout out to the 43! Eric holds a degree in environmental biology from U.C. Berkeley and has worked in environmental advocacy with a focus on social justice. He interned at S.F. Environment’s Transportation Team and The Sierra Club, promoting sustainable methods of transportation and strengthening equity and inclusion practices in the environmental movement. Most recently, Eric worked with GRID Alternatives, a non-profit organization dedicated to installing solar exclusively for low-income families. Eric now spends half his time at the Asian Pacific Environmental Network working for environmental justice, and half his time with San Francisco Transit Riders advocating for efficient, equitable, and accessible transit in SF for all.

In his free time, Eric enjoys playing tennis and hiking (he’s been up Half-Dome twice now!).

Zack Deutsch-Gross

Zack grew up riding the 48 from one end of SF to the other and still remembers when youth fares were 35¢. In his current role as San Francisco Transit Riders’ Membership Manager, he’s committed to building the people power needed to advocate for better, affordable, sustainable transit for all.

Prior to SFTR, Zack ran organizing campaigns across the country, most recently directing the field program for Global Zero, a group working to reduce the threat of nuclear war. After spending the past six years in D.C., Denver, Chicago, Detroit and rural New Hampshire, Zack is excited to be back in his hometown pushing to make Muni a world-class transit system.

Zack holds a Bachelors degree in Community Studies from UC Santa Cruz and a Masters in Public Policy from UC Berkeley. In his free time, he leads backpacking trips for the Sierra Club and is an avid soccer player and fan.

Benjamin Holtz

Benjamin joins the SF Transit Riders team as the Communications and Outreach intern. Born and raised in San Francisco, he began riding muni as a toddler with his grandparents. He owes a special shoutout to the 28 for forging childhood friendships! Today he still gets around on a combination of BART, muni, and a trusty skateboard, between San Francisco and the University of California Berkeley where he studies Political Science and Political Economy.