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The SF Transit Riders are working to create excellent public transit that attracts a growing number of passengers for a more livable city. We rely on people like you who love San Francisco. Thank you.

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$1000+ Owl Benefactor 91-Owl: Longest route at 24.1 miles

$500 – $999 Sunset Patron 29-Sunset: Longest daytime route, 14.5 miles

$200 – $499 Oceanview Sustainer M-Oceanview: Longest streetcar route, 9 miles

$100 – $199 Mission Contributor 14-Mission: Longest trolley bus route, 7.8 miles

$50 – $99 Cable Car Collector Powell-Hyde: Longest cable car route, 2.1 miles

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$5+ Student & Low Income  


San Franciscans have consistently supported transit, and they deserve a reliable, robust, and 21st-century transit system. SFTRU's past accomplishments and future action plan are together delivering that change. By becoming a member, you'll join our community and support our work. We thank you!