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Member Profiles

Being a member of SFTRU is more than supporting our work; you become part of a community of transit riders in San Francisco. Meet some of your fellow members:

Melissa Gordon

Melissa Danielle Gordon is a born-and-raised San Franciscan who appreciates a good bike ride and a blanket made of fog. If she's not riding her bike with a camera around her neck, she's on the bus with a camera in her hand. Go Giants!

Robyn Huey

Robyn Huey is a native San Franciscan who has ridden Muni and BART all her life. In 2011, she added Amtrak to the bunch with the beginning of her undergraduate career at University of California, Davis, studying Landscape Architecture. Her pupils dilate at the sight of clever, well-thought-out design, and she enjoys expressing her passion for art. Philz Coffee and Philz specialty-made black tea are her beverages of choice followed by the potato as her #1 favorite food. When traveling in the City, her choice of bus lines include the 44, 49, 47, and 38.

Ben Kaufman

Ben Kaufman was born and raised in and around Boston, Massachusetts, and has lived in San Francisco since the summer of 2007. Since moving to San Francisco, Ben has worked as a small-business organizer in Bayview-Hunters Point and a field organizer for the David Chiu for Mayor campaign. Despite his love for Bayview small businesses and David Chiu, his true passion lies in public transportation organizing and advocacy. After taking Muni to work a handful of times over his first few days in the City, he was so shocked and frustrated by the snail's pace of the bus that he took up riding a bicycle to work but promised himself he would revert back to regularly riding public transit once Muni relinquished its title as "the slowest transit system in the nation." He is now proud to be actively involved in fighting for a more efficient, more reliable Muni network as a member of the San Francisco Transit Riders Union.


San Franciscans have consistently supported transit, and they deserve a reliable, robust, and 21st-century transit system. SFTRU's past accomplishments and future action plan are together delivering that change. Please become a member to join our community and support our work.